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How to move tips for you and all who want to move with no stress.

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How to move tips.

Moving house are the most stressful things in life. But with a little planning and our guide you can take the strain out of your move. Start your move at least a month ahead of time, so you have time to pack and take care of other tasks, such as selling your house or saying goodbye to friends and family members. Take an inventory of your possessions. Use this list to determine the number of boxes and the size of the truck you will need for your move.

Think carefully about what you really need to take with you and what might be cheaper to replace or rent.

Sell or donate unwanted items - this will reduce your load and help make the moving process much easier.

How to move, where to star

Start packing things that are not used very frequently as you donít have to open boxes when in removal. Check out the garage, attic, cellar and cupboards for things to be packed first. Place a table in the centre of the area where you are packing, putting your boxes and packing material near it for easy access. Try to be systematic. Decide where to start, and proceed to pack in a methodical fashion.
Glasses can be packed in partitioned boxes, the kind used in shipping bottles that can be had from a wine store. Otherwise as movers London use a simple medium sized cardboard box. Nestle the glasses into one another. This is done by wrapping one glass with a sheet of newspaper, making sure that the inside is lined too, and placing a similarly wrapped glass into it. You could be situated four to five glasses together, depending on their size and weight. Then lay the whole stack on a sheet of newsprint, and carefully wrap it up, tucking in the ends of the paper. Then wrap the stack in bubble wrap and seal it with adhesive tape.

How to move 1st step

1- Don't make boxes too heavy -books are a real offender.
2- Pack fragile items, breakables should be packed separately especial in domestic removals London. Place a layer of crumpled newspaper at the bottom of the box and line it with a small sheet of bubble wrap. It would provide a base of soft padding. Wrap each piece to be placed in the
box in a sheet of old newspaper and cover it with bubble wrap. Plates can be packed in
sets of five or six, with a layer of bubble wrap between each. Mark these boxes (FRAGILE).
3- Pack CDs and records vertically NOT flat.

How to move 2nd step

1- Remove lids from jars and wrap separately.
2- Take large items apart if possible. Put any hardware e.g. screws in a plastic bag and tape to the item.
3- If you have the original boxes for electrical appliances pack them back into these.

How to move 3rd step

1- Keep clothes in drawers, not boxes or bags.
2- Cover mirrors and pictures in cardboard or bubble wrap.
3- Roll carpets and rugs and secure with tape.

How to move 4th step

1-Wrap sharp edges on items.
2-Pack all personal documents or valuable jewellery/items together and transport them yourself.
3- If you have the time, a master list of what is in each box can be helpful.
4-You don't want to move everything twice so mark all boxes with the names of the rooms for which they are intended. Give movers a plan of your new home with all the rooms clearly marked. You might even consider a colour-coded system. Give each room a colour and write on the box in the same colour pen.

How to move packing tips:

1.Clear the clutter: You must try to clear all the unwanted things that have not been used by you. You can donate those things to the charity or even sell them at auction, flea markets, through classified advertisements and the like to earn money from the old stuff. It is beneficial as it aims at removing the clutter from your home and earns the extra cash.
2. Use boxes of same size: You should use boxes of same size as it makes packing easier. It will help in stacking both while packing as well as keeping in the truck.
It would save time in deciding how to get all the boxes stacked without damaging any thing.
3. Use boxes of small size: It is advisable to use small boxes in order to save energy of both you and the moving team.
4. A good quality of tape would be useful.
5. You can also use wardrobe boxes because your clothes would remain clean and you can even put your shoes, purses and boots at the bottom.
6. Write the name of the rooms on the outer side of the boxes. It will help you
arrange them in the rooms where they are supposed to be, without wasting time.
7. You can even mention the content of the boxes so that you can locate things easily.
8. You can pack all the things that you would require immediately after shifting in one box so that you don't have to juggle around with different boxes in order to get one necessary thing.

How to move ON THE DAY.

1 Relax - HPhelpyou is here.
2 Pack the last bits - But not the kettle, mugs and tea bags. You are going to be needing them.
3 Watch - As a supremely professional man with a van expertly loads your belongings into a safe, modern vehicle.
4 Point - Direct traffic in your new home as your things are brought in through your new front door.
5 Sit - Slump into your favourite armchair with a glass of your favourite tipple and start planning your new colour schemes.

How to move with Children.

It will likely be difficult for your children to move away from their friends and change their daily routines. If possible, try to move after their school year has ended to make the transition more smooth for them; make arrangements for where your children will go to school the rest of the year or next year well in advance. Before you move, let your children spend time with their friends.

Have a conversation with your children before your move, letting them ask you questions.

When you start to move out of your old home or into a new house, let your children help with the move; during the move into the new house, allow them input in how you arrange their rooms and other parts of the house.

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This are some how to move tips for you to organize your move.